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Pull-Proof Baby Socks

Stays on your baby’s feet.

Solving your problem

Do you wake up in the morning to find that socks are no longer on your baby’s feet?
Does your baby pull socks off a few moments after you put them on?

We understand your frustration.
With Loops Socks, these problems are gone forever.

Durning the day, you will never have to look for missing socks again.
At night, you will sleep better knowing that your baby’s feet are kept warm.

Babies love them…. YOU will love them more!

A New Design

The magic to Loops Pull-Proof Socks is a NEW super grippy silicon design that we have developed to gently grip onto your baby’s ankle and calf, making the socks pull-proof.

Designed with comfort also in mind, combed cotton yarn is knitted with an additional loop between every stitch while making the socks. Although the socks may pill a little due to the short fibres and many tiny ends of cotton, the additional loop adds plushness and padding to make the socks super comfortable.

Liquid silicon is then poured into a mold that is resting on the socks and baked in an oven at about 150°C to set the silicon before removing the mold. This time consuming manual process is repeated 3 times to attached the super grippy silicon to different areas on the inside of Loops Socks.

The longer ribbed elastic shafts combined with our NEW super grippy silicon design, allows Loops Socks to have a relaxed and comfortable fit, but are guaranteed to stay on your baby’s feet.


  • Super grippy silicon that is 100% skin safe gently grips on to your baby’s ankles and lower calves
  • Superior in softness, making the socks extra comfortable for your baby.
  • Made from combed cotton yarn that has been certified as completely safe for your baby’s health
  • Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive baby skin
  • Super absorbent and breathable, keeping your baby’s feet dry and fresh
  • Stitched with additional LOOPS for added plushness and padding to provide warmth and protection for your baby’s feet


We are confident that Loops Socks will stay on your baby’s feet and perform as guaranteed. Because of that, we are offering you a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if your Loops Socks do not perform as promised after using them for 60 days. Take advantage of this risk free guarantee and enjoy the benefits of Loops Pull-Proof Socks!

This offer is only available if you purchase Loops Socks directly from this website store.

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Ihanan pehmeät sukat!
Pysyy tosi hyvin jalassa , lapsi ei saa vedettyä sukkia itse jalasta , eikä lähde valumaan leikkiessä tai nukkuessa. Vähän paksumpi kangas pitää myös jalat mukavan lämpimänä!

Carita Tiikkainen

They are so lovely and great quality. I received them on new years day and my daughter has been wearing them every day since. I really like them, they fit well and certainly stay on a lot better than normal baby socks!

United Kingdom

These are the first socks we have that my 1 year old haven’t managed to pull off. The socks feel nice and fluffy but they pill a little. All in all, the socks do what they promise while looking good too :).

Harri Rauhanummi